Bob Lucas is a glory shouting, sweet singing, banjo picking, guitar thumping, old time fiddling, song writing rounder with a desire to share a sense of musical wonder anyway he can.  Coming up during the great folk scare of the 60’s he was fortunate to be taken under wing by some of the great traditional musicians and singers. It is the wonder of that era that still holds keen with him.  

As times turned hip in the late 60’s he too became a part of that culture.  The Dancer Inside of You, Bob's 1972 release, received a 4 star rating from Downbeat Magazine. Two songs off Dancer were picked up and recorded by the legendary Newgrass Revival, who went on to recorded many of his songs in years that followed. In 1977, Bob co-founded the culture-morphing band Eclectricity, one of the first bands to bring 'gypsy' and 'klezmer' music to a North American folk-music audience. Eclectricity found a fan in, and often toured with, actor/singer Theodore Bikel. It was at this time Bob learned that the word “macaronic” has nothing to do with pasta.

In 1986 Bob began working for Mad River Theater Works writing songs and making plays for what has become an ever-growing audience. Songs from this period of Bob's writing were recorded by the blissfully talented Alison Krauss on her 1996 Grammy Award winning album, So Long So Wrong, and again on her 2001 release, New Favorite. In addition to the many recordings he has made with Mad River Theater Works in the past two decades he has recorded three albums of original songs, RushsylvaniaKin, and most recently, Banjo For Lovers.  

Having grown up in a family of singers and musicians it is only natural that Bob would continue to play music with his family. With Chloe Manor his daughter and her husband Chris Westhoff they make up the Hedgehog String Band. This ensemble makes music with power, thrust and charm that is just down right good and dancy. These three do not draw the line at old time traditional music. As has been so often the case, tradition is a springboard that gives the lift and velocity to dive into the ever-welcoming pool of twenty first century contemporary music. Off they go without a splash.